What is Blackout: Reinventing The Grid?

The grid is the country’s largest machine. But it’s starting to show its age. We are increasingly reliant on electricity, supplied by the grid, for every aspect of modern life. The infrastructure is dated and challenged by increasing power needs, new modes of power generation as well as cyber attacks and solar storms.

Inside Energy has launched a multi-part investigative series - featuring audio, video, data analysis, and more - exploring what’s wrong with the grid and what needs to be done to meet 21st century power needs. Want us to email you when a new story comes out? Click here.

What is Inside Energy?

Inside Energy is a collaborative journalism initiative among public media with roots in Colorado, Wyoming and North Dakota, and growing to include other states.

Inside Energy is distinctive multi-platform storytelling with a unique point of view: the spot where people and power intersect, and how that intersection impacts neighbors, communities, regions and the country at large.

Moving beyond polarized arguments and emotional debates, Inside Energy explores how energy is made, how energy moves across communities, and how energy is consumed - making, moving, using energy.

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